Mentorship program

SLERD 2022 is offering a young researchers mentoring program to help and support students and other young researchers with the writing of their papers to be submitted to the conference, and hereby increase the quality of submissions. If you are a young researcher (e.g. PhD student) who plans to submit a paper to SLERD 2022, you may apply to the mentoring program. The SLERD young researchers mentoring program offers help, guidance, and feedback on the writing of your draft paper by assigning a mentor to you, who help you in preparing and maturing the paper for submission.

How to sign up for the mentoring program?
Send an email to aslerd [dot] org [at] gmail [dot] com
In the body of the email, please, describe briefly the topic of your paper and, possibly, the problems you are experiencing.

Mentoring will takes place in the period
1 February15 March 2022.
We will provide to all people that will sign up the program the exact dates and times of the mentorship sessions with experienced researchers.